Friday, 30 December 2005

Astra Night - After Party

This post was taken from my older blog site.

You know the party has come to an end when your wallet is empty, there's freaks on the dance floor and your friends can no longer stand.

Sau fell asleep while dancing

Happy snaps with Mahesh before we see Sau off.

Alvin and Lisa took Sau home. Jeff, Jarrad and me had a little more party juice. We stayed another hour before heading back.

We met a strange character on the way back...


Jeff thinking about grabbing a kebab or taxi.

Jarrad couldn't resist sexy Sau vunerable on the couch. Mikael is not the type to just watch either.

Sau not too happy after being violated.

Jeff's pretty tired.

But not tired enough for me-goreng

Last snap shot before getting some rest. Crazy night! .

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