Friday, 30 December 2005

Jeff's Party - Second Round

This post was taken from my older blog site.

Jeff's party continued well into the night with alotta rounds of tequilla (even after the fried rice chasers were finished)

Scored a pic with Tania! Sweet!

Everyone was having a ball with wholesome family party games like:

'Lets Cripply Yar Nipple'

Hide-Sau and Seek

and who could forget

Pin the 'teabag' on the WRX
The guys are nuts over Sau's WRX

Back to the party..
Definitely lots of party juice left

whats wrong with me here?

And whats with the Japanese peace-sign thing?

Heck, if you're gonna do it..
do it right!


Hungry hungry Charith

Even Jeff's mom was having a blast

I scored a pic with Ting! Swweeett!!

Charith scores a pic with Ting too! (Note that he had to get her drunk! :P)

Mikael finishes Jarrad's turkey

Someone help Naomi!

By 2:30AM, most of the party people have gone leaving a trail of half eaten foodstuffs and empty glasses

Jeff (tired and sloshed) surrenders to the inevitable party mess.

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