Friday, 30 December 2005

Jeffs Party - 3 Stooges in Metros

This post was taken from my older blog site.

Jeff's birthday party has finished. This was Sau's reponse when asked to clean up

Like all good friends, we three (Charith, Sau and I) left the mess with Jeff and headed off to Metros.

Thanks to our taxi driver Nash, not only did he got us there safely, I got a free 5 minute lecture on computer systems and networking.

Metros was packed - even at 3AM!!

Didn't have much photos of the stuff in Metros. But here's a quick summary of what i remember.

The Three Stooges

Larry (Will) - Most sober of the 3. My digi cam have about 20 pics of my thumb during this time of the night that will prove otherwise.

Curly (Sau) - WAS excited to meet hot chicks, but the ten tequilla shots finally caught up with him after we got our entry stamps. He was pretty much dead weight from then on.

Moe (Charith) - Was sobering up quickly. Got chatted up by a hot blonde chick. No wonder he's smiling in this photo!

After Metros, we were too weak to walk empty bellied, so the 3 stooges got the usual kebab

Sau upset that they don't serve Hai fun

On the way home, the boys decide to 'borrow' the neighbours papers
Dont think they want it back anymore Sau

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