Friday, 25 March 2011


Went paintballing with Anh, her sister and friends.

Maaaan it was intense!!

I've been paintballing before so I kinda knew what to expect.  But after they demonstrated the new guns during the safety brief,  I got really worried.

These guns were badass!!  They launch the marble-sized paintballs perfectly straight for about 5 metres and still packed a punch at 10 metres.  Plook Plook Plook!  Puff guns of death! lolz.

I should know - I was shot in the head several times and my hearing started 'pinging' like I was grenaded in Call of Duty.  Only this wasn't a video game - the bruising were very real.

My glory moment was when I single-handedly, guarded a tunnel from the attackers.  6 Attackers vs me (with Anh and sister covering me from a post 10 metres behind?! So far!).  I held my ground even though my head was repeatedly shot at.  I was completely blinded from paint dripping inside my mask (I could even taste it!), but I soldiered on.  I held them long enough to draw the game and earn Green team 5 points.

The final full day score for Green team? 5 points   :P

My not so glory moment was when I was running from barrel to barrel for cover.  I was doing really good and got within three metres of the flag!

Then I lost my footing and completely face planted into one of the barrels.  BOOM said my head to the barrel.

Thank you helmet!!   :P

Had a great day although it took a week to recover from the bruising and hurting.

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