Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Hong Kong Trip 1

I'm sick.  :(  But still blogging :P

It could be post holiday depression but its most likely a cold caught from our return flight from Singapore - there was a girl who was coughing and sniffing near us.  My wife has is it too, so were a pair of sick birds lolz

Its really unpleasant being sick during summer with the hot weather and having runny nose. Yuckers!

But enough of that - pictures time!

Our Hong Kong holiday started with a quick stop-over in Singapore.  We only had a few hours, but enough time to check out the new Marina Bay Sands hotel.  The hotel boasts a skypark at the top and a casino and shopping centre underneath.

I thought its quite interesting that they charge the locals S$200 to gamble but its free for tourist.  The hotel is alright, but I got a feeling they rushed the construction or they went cheapish with the materials because it just didn't have that glamorous feel about it.  Bits were falling off and the toilet I went to the flush wasn't working.

We didn't get to check out the sky park which was available only to guests staying in the hotel (or pay S$20).

After the quick stop over, we were off flying to the concrete jungle that is Hong Kong! *insert gong sound*

 Trams now accept the octopus card! Sweet.

Hong Kong is awesome for sightseeing

 Red panda
 Fat panda.


 The winter sales meant I could actually afford stuff!

and of course, EATING!!! :P
 We love the desserts at Honeymoon Desserts.  Best place ever.  I think we visited a Honeymoon dessert outlet almost daily.
 Xialongbaos - these dumplings have surprise soup inside!!

Note - I would fly back to Hong Kong just for these baked BBQ pork buns.  They are so good!  If you don't believe me?  Google Tim Ho Wun.  These are Michelin star buns!!

Thats enough for now - more to come soon!!

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