Thursday, 27 January 2011

Good News Only

January has shaped up to be a fantastic start to 2011.   Apart from the flu, which got me two days off work, its been good news after good news!

1. After our honeymoon in Hong Kong, I came home to an order that has been six months in the making - my new car!

Very happy with Giselle (that's the name Anh's given the car).  She goes like the wind and has these very hypnotic eyes.  Best cure to post-holiday blues :)

2.  My good friend Phil gave me the fantastic news this afternoon that I'm going to be a groomsman to his wedding!! Oh yeah!!  I know Phil and Mel are going to have an awesome wedding and I get to be in the midst of it all.  Buuuccksss night! Hehehehe.

3.  My cousin Berts and Thuy just passed on the great news that they are expecting TWINS!!! Two for the price of one!! Crazy stuff!! I don't think I've heard of twins in our family generation so this is going to be quite exciting for everyone.  I'm excited to see the twin prams hehehehe.

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