Sunday, 12 September 2010

Wedding Month - Survival

Im surviving the last few weeks into our wedding.

I survived week 4 which was my bucks/bachelor's party week.  I had a great time catching up with my friends but nearly lost a liver from the excessive drinking.  Amazon woman was hot. lolz.  I didn't spill my guts, but I think should have as I paid for it dearly the following Sunday.

Week 3 was a weird week.   I was told to go home from work because I was acting 'sick' :P  On the way home my car was hit by a plaster board which broke off from the truck in front of me.  It was scary as hell, like a scene from a movie.  A small propeller hovering from a far, then suddenly spinning its way straight to my car.  There was a moment of silent slow motion and realisation that it was going to hit.  Then BAM! A deafening thud.  Plasterboard stuck my car at speeds at least 100km/hr piercing my windscreen.

The bright side to this is I didn't have to call the repairer to fix a previous chip on my windscreen :P

Having survived the 'plaster of death' I am now fighting my waist line. Lolz.  The birthdays and celebrations this month has meant non-stop eating.  Big dinners and food food food!!  I literally had to roll myself to bed last night for my mom's birthday and father's day dinner.  This morning I went for a jog to work it off, but Pizza for breakfast kinda cancelled it out.  :P  This is my toughest challenge yet.


bing said...

that is truly scary as hell. have you heard of those advice that anyone who is about to marry must take extra care and as much as possible not go anywhere far. the Filipino pamahiin, you know.

be careful as the great day will be coming. watch out for your health, too. you will be needing a lot of your strength in the coming days ha ha

SK said...

Congratulations to your upcoming wedding. :) How long more now?

Will said...

only 5 days to go SK!! Looking forward to when its all over :P

SK said...

Please post up photos. :)

If you're ever in Sydney with your wife, let me know! I'll take you out for a nice steak dinner. Mmmm . .