Thursday, 29 July 2010



That's pretty all you can say after watching Inception.

I think its to the sheer disbelief on how MIND BOGGLING the experience was.

If you can stay with the story you'd be rewarded to one of cinematic's best finishes - ever.   If you haven't seen it yet, do it.

Most definitely buying this movie to add to my collection.


I'm not liking my lack of blog updates.  :(

This is partly because I haven't been taking that much pictures and I really don't like posting blogs without pictures (its worth 1000 words!!).

Anh's has been steaming ahead with wedding preparation, where I seem to have lost my momentum.  I'm chipping away at various things, but my failure to make one wedding invite would prove that the more delicate stuff is better left with the skilled one.   So rather than doing wedding stuff I'm doing other things like playing games, watching youtube or blogging!  Hehehe  I know Anh secretly hates me for this hehehehe.

Speaking of games. I just finished Mirror's Edge.   And wow, what a ride that was.

Check out the preview to see whats its like (Mario eat your heart out!).

I really enjoyed it.  Partly because I only paid $4 for it, but more so because of the unique style which I liked. The sharp bright colours just burns straight to my brain and I can't help but remember this game everytime I look at the city scape with blue skies.  And its kinda a thinking game - different from the hack and slash or point and shoot sort of games I've been hammering - so it was a welcome change.

You know when people start leaning left and right when their driving in a video game? You get that alot with Mirror 's Edge.  Only its more the leaning forward and back because you're hoping you don't fall after the 10 metre jump to next building's drain pipe.    Hahaha - Many times I found my self scrambling around the keyboard because I'm trying to hold on to something.

Great soundtrack too.

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