Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Halftime 2010

We're more than halfway through 2010 and pressure is starting to build up!

Wedding pressure that is! Wedding in 2 months!  Thankfully the World Cup has been a good distraction from time to time (I hope Netherlands win!).

Around this time last year I was buying an engagement ring.  I wasn't exactly thinking about wedding and stuff.  I thought maybe she'd say yes and thats it - we're married, no weddings required. Lolz.  Anyways, all is progressing along well in the wedding front.  We've being doing this and that.  And with no more holidays to break our stride it looks like its full steam ahead!

Speaking of holidays - my whole family has left me this month of July.  They're all somewhere in Europe enjoying pizzas and bagels leaving Anh and myself to look after their dogs and cats and plants, cars and houses! They better bring back something good for me!  Like souveners or a european car. Hehehe.


bing said...


wedding in two months.

congratulations and best wishes!

don't let the pressure ruin everything.

Raymond said...

Congrats Will! Hope all goes well :)