Thursday, 29 April 2010

April Weekends

It's been such a busy month!

Together with Easter, we've had my sister and her boys fly over, we've had weddings and birthdays and housewarming and all sorts of other things.

John and Lanni's Wedding reception in Jade

 My sister and I went birdwatching in Joondalup.  We were after green parrots.  We found pigeons.
Buddha Festival 2010

And with my manager on long service leave the past six weeks, I've been flat out juggling two jobs!

Bootcamp with E-wen.  20 push-ups for being slack

Thats why I'm so glad that my bags are packed and I'm on holidays from tomorrow!  


Looking forward to lots of food and relaxation.  :)

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bing said...

i like the first pic the most. ewan ko ba. it speaks of calmness in contrast to all the business he he