Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Food, Food and glorious Food!

That's the best way to sum up the recent Sydney trip :)

We ate so many things its almost not funny!

We had pizza, pho, ribs, oysters, pickled mustard leaves, fish, cherries, beans... I can go on and on and on!

Sydney Good Food and Wine Festival

Our food holiday started with the Sydney Good Food and Wine show. We ate all sorts of stuff like Lasagna pies, spreadable cheeses, ice cream and lots of other freebies.

We loved hanging around the mee-goreng and Nandos stand (Portugasm hehehe) :)
We were like vultures circling the sample platters.. waiting and waiting for the next batch of samples hehehe!

Scary/funny story!

We were watching celebrity chef Ben O'Donoghue make gourmet pizza using pizza stones on barbeques.

He was teaching us some really good stuff like rubbing garlic on your base before you put the tomato sauce. After he prepped up this awesome chirizo pizza with spreadable ricotta, he turned around, went up to the barbecue, opened the lid and...






Big ball of flame EXPLOSION!!

NEARLY BURNT Ben O'Donoghue to a crisp and SCARED THE SH!T OUT OF EVERYONE!!!!!

Thankfully it was only a split second explosion!

I think the barbeque wasn't fully lit. So while he was prepping up the pizza, the barbeque was just building up gas.

But Ben's a professional.

After swearing for a bit and checking that his eyebrows weren't burnt off, he shrugged off the scary experience and continued to make his pizza!

What a legend!!

Anh and I were lucky enough to try what he made.

Best celebrity-chef-near-death-experience-pizza I've ever had.

Speaking of celebrity chefs, there were heaps in the show!

Gordon Ramsay

Matt Moran


Shame we couldn't sample some of their cooking.

And speaking of cooking, my sister, Anh and me made an adventure of finding the Masterchef house!!

Your time starts NOW - CHOP CHOP!!

We knew it was in Sydney and just had to find it!

It was all very exciting coz we felt like we were in the Amazing Race... only weren't racing for a million dollars. We had to rush because we had a lunch booking at Red Lantern Restaurant :) (pics below)

A source told us it was in Redfern, in the technology park.
We checked it out.

The buildings look similar but not quite Mastercheffy enough. Inside were just old trains and small offices.

We looked around some more but the rain and crazy Sydney traffic made it ready difficult :(
We almost gave up.

But thanks to Anh's persistant googling on the phone (which gave her a headache), she found an address looking through the Big Brother forums.

We followed it to a building in Alexandria.


Trespassing the property next to it revealed its true identify!!!


Hahah the Masterchef house is surrounded by wire fencing and what looks to be a little moat.
Its like a castle! hehehe.

The back door said no entry, but I was able to get this paparazzi photo of the inside before I ran like crazy after hearing footsteps.

We think its been sold.
So where's the next MC kitchen?


The whole Sydney holiday was such an awesome trip! (so much better than Melbourne! Hehehe) So much good food and shopping.

And to enjoy it all with friends and family? priceless.

I can't wait when we do it all again next year.

(more random photos below)

Wagaya is such a funky Jap restaurant! Lets you order food from a touch-screen!
Wagaya's Sushi Roulette. One is heavily loaded with wasabi!

Hurricane's awesome ribs. Soooooo much better than Tony Roma's.


Passion Flower

Sydney fish market platter for two.

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