Monday, 21 July 2008

Japanese Food Tripping Again

I really wanted to post my Melbourne photos up. But I realised I haven't finished posting Japanese stuff!!!

One trip at a time they always say.

So pardon the delayed Japan trip photos, but I really wanted to put these up - weird and wonderful japanese food stuffs :P

Japanese cakes are DA BOMB! They look so good you don't know if you're suppose to eat them or put it on your head

Pikachu meals. Food for legendary trainers.

Manneken waffles. The Krispy Kremes of waffles.

Speaking of donuts, the Japanese are really big on donuts. These are Dean and Deluca donuts. Donut Factory donuts are also awesomenesses. But Krispy Kremes... OMG... the Japs are (do)nuts about them!

Its like an amusement park line - complete with estimated time before order!

Tokyo Bananas. I love this bananishy yumminess.

They have black eggs bathed Sulfur. They really need Hello Kitty to sell these.

Thirsty? Have a dorink!!!

Soup-in-a-can, warm and chunky!

Snoopy pork buns!

And after eating all of this, it all goes here anyways.

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