Monday, 30 June 2008

End of my Financial Will

1) Guildwars
2) Kung-Fu Panda
3) Red Herring
aka as no shopping at all

Browsing through the junkmail cluttering the diner table, my mouth salivates as I read the words "HD LCD TV Sale - get free PS3".
Its that time of the year and there's no denying the endless advertisements to get rid of stock.

"All must clear"

But dreams of shiny toys are just that, dreams.
For me anyways.

I don't' know why, but the rising fuel cost seem to had an effect on me.

Back when I was young , when the peso slipped down from the US dollar, petrol prices went up.

Which in turn cause the price of meat, vegetables and all food to go up.

Which in turn causes services to go up.

And therefore everything goes up.

I think its starting to happen here in Australia. You'll know what I mean when the Big Mac price index goes up.

So maybe thats why I've been a bit cautious with the recent record breaking price rise of petrol.

But not only that, I've been burnt too many times of buying stuff that I don't need. Blame holidays, blame depression, blame it on the rain, blame it on ebay.

But most importantly, one reason to stop spending this time of the year is the evilness that's the taxman.

This phantom menace comes only once a year. But even with the constant barrage of 'tax time' on tv and bus stands, I always seem to fail to save up (because I always get a stupid tax deficit).

But not this year.

I've been waiting for you Mr taxman.

When that bill comes around, I'll be ready. I will whip out my wallet and...




realise that I've done the same thing again this year.

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