Monday, 9 June 2008

What the world needs is

1) God of War 2
2) BBQ Ribs
3) Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier

1) A better way to power up electronic gizmos - I have a separate electrical adaptor for my toothbrush, mp3 player, my shaver, my mobile, my DS, my camera. Why do I need to carry so many different cable thingymajiggies when I'm traveling? Yeah, I know I don't need an electric toothbrush, but how else am I going to keep my grillz clean?

2) A high-school teeny boppy show - when I turn on the TV there's only shows like Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty. Young people don't want to idolise pruning 30-something dinosaurs. We need 16 year old leads living the life like Britney and Paris. How else are kids to learn about promiscuity, backstabbing and the finer things in life? Somebody think of the kids and bring out a new high-school teeny boppy show.

3) A decent male RnB artist. Someone like Brian McKnights or R Kelly (before he went peado). Or even a group! Where's the Boys 2 Men of the 2000's? Where are the decent ballads? We really need to stop the tidal wave of stupid stupid stupid stupid songs.

4) Some decent heart-clogging fast food. Free of this 'fat free - healthy choice' nonsense. People rally about freedom of speech and freedom of choice all the time. People want their rights to eat very unhealthy fast food! The cows and chickens have died for us - least we can do is eat their fat and skins to honor their sacrifice.

5) Interactive clothes. Like hypercolour tshirts. I'm sure we can stich flashing LEDs to t-shirts by now. We need some really cheesy clothes so that our aunties have something to give us on our birthdays.

6) Another party dance - like the YMCA, Chicken dance and Macarena. No, not the Soulja boy dance, thats too ghetto. We need something the whole family can enjoy. What are we going to dance in weddings then?

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