Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Post Holiday Depression

1) My sister being on TV!
2) Iron Man rocks my socks
3) Kingdom Hearts II

I think I'm finally getting out of the rut.

The Post Holiday Depression (PHD) I've been suffering since returning from Japan.

I know everyone takes a while to get back to the swing of things after a holiday, but for me it was really quite bad.

I just couldn't get excited about anything (well.. almost everything :P).

I just wanted to stay at home and stuff myself with fatfoods.
Going out or going to work was just too troublesome.

I was (and maybe still am) contemplating quitting my job and start selling barbecued chicken and rice as my next occupation.

I'm thinking life would be trouble free then.

I wanted a pet cow. It had to be brown.

I guess that the thing when you're depressed. Life is dull compared to what it once was.

But I believe that the best cure for depression is to make someone else happy. Their happiness is a lot more effective than any type of happiness-remedy you can try to prescribe yourself.

And this kinda worked for me.

I hope they like my small present.

It includes a brown cow.

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