Monday, 28 April 2008

Japanese Food Tripping

3Willings - Japanese Edition

Well I'm back from Japan.

What a great trip that was. Such a great country with awesome people and culture.
Definitely putting trip #2 down the pipeline.

Blogging about Japan is difficult because its such a big experience.

(Coz I'm big in Japan?)

I wouldn't do the country justice if I fit it in one big (and boring) entry. So I guess I'll blog about it in little pieces - starting with what I loved about Japan the most - FOOD!!

Food, glorious food!!

I read somewhere that Japan has surpassed France as the food capital of the world.
That wouldn't surprise me coz food there is simply awesome!

[50% of our time in Japan was spent eating. The other 40% was sleeping. And the other 10% was walking towards the next eatery.]

Thankfully, in Japan food is almost always displayed by pictures or plastic models. So you can just point to what you want - excellent when you're starving and can barely speak Japanese :P

Plastic food can make your mouth water

Japan has the bestest sushi. Its always fresh and tasty.

This guy will make 'any sushi you want'

This is 'any sushi you want'

Unagi is Japan has no fishy taste. Sugoi!!!

Koreans catching the sushi train

Sashimi me
I voted this best sushi in Japan. Grilled salmon with cheese and pepper. Grilled salmon with mayo is a close 2nd.

Of course if raw fish is not to your liking there are tons of alternatives!
Curry can come with fish, pork, chicken, potatoes, eggplant, or anything else you fancy

Okonomiyaki - Japanese pancake/omelettes!

Or make your own Okonomiyaki - Teppanyaki style!

Yes, that's right! This Katsu chicken has melted cheese inside!!

Omurice - Japanese rice omelet. The wonders Japanese can do with egg and ketchup.

Takoyakis with Cheese

Takoyakis with more cheese.

And if thats not enough! Japan offers the best cuisine from all over the world. They have Chinese, American, Australian, French, Indian, Italian restaurants everywhere.

In fact, this marina pasta was the best pasta I've tasted in MY LIFE!
My whole life flashed before me when I ate this.

Phew. That was a mouthful.

Stay tuned for Fast Food Japan and Japanese sweets.
Now I'm hungry.

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