Monday, 26 May 2008

Household heroes

1) Grand Theft Auto IV
2) Kelly Roland - Work
3) Jimmy Deans Diner


They always have the best intentions in mind.
And God bless them for trying.

Dads love it when they are labelled heroes.

A hero for fixing the tap. A hero for installing the dishwasher.
A hero for solving that household problem.

Take my dad, he solved our household shoe problem.

With hundreds of shoe littering the garage, he's sorted it all out by doubling the shelves by installing more panels.

A hero of Imelda Marcos proportions.

But sometimes the laurels of their triumph blind them of what they are capable.

Heroes with overstated powers.
(Mix with Y-chromosomal workmanship and you have a recipe for disaster).

What do I mean?

Exhibit A Dad decided that his daughter's brand new car needed rescuing from the car yard stickers put on the windscreen. Exhibit A Dad uses a knife to scratch-away the blatant advertisement.

And if you squint your eyes, you might not see the scratch marks.

Exhibit B Dad decided that he can save the household some money by installing the new chandelier. Everyone knows that blue wires go with red, and brown wires go with black... or is it the other way around?

This was one way to test the electrical safety switch.

Exhibit C Dad figured that adding lemon juice, raisins and random spices will most certainly make a mouth watering omelet.

Dads are cool because they really are just after what's best for the family.

Wish they'd just consult with the family sometimes.

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