Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Three on Three

With Valentines just around the corner, I've decided to make a post on love. Not love in a emo-rollercoaster-soul-searching kind of way, but my love for things that ‘complete me’ as much as Jerry did for Dorothy. These are just three things that I adore.

Without these, my life would be like a box of chocolates, an empty one.

KFC with Rice
This year also saw the beginning of my long distance relationship with Mr Colonel Sanders.

Due to indulgence during the Christmas break, several pairs of pants and shorts have lost buttons - unable to hold my expanding gut :(

Drastic times calls for drastic measures.

So I've decided to skip fast food until my birthday in June. Its a hard path to follow, especially when I’m so used to munching on big macs and cheeseburgers strategically located 3 minutes away.

Now I try and find comfort in nectarines, plums and rockmelons.

But when I pass a familiar red and white striped restaurant, my nostrils torment me with the delicious smell of chicken pressured cooked in 12 secret herbs and spices. Ooooohh. I can imagine it now smothered with gravy, nestled on a bed of rice.

While I *heart* KFC from afar until June, KFC, know that you'll always have a special place in my heart.

World Wide Web
I think I spend about 6 hours a day in front of the computer. That’s a lot considering I’m only getting about 5 hours sleep a night (seriously not good).

If I spent that much time in front of Microsoft Word, I'd seriously start having impure thoughts of the Microsoft Paper clip. Thankfully I have web access to keep me sane. With Internet, I can access news and stories which I spend hours on-end reading.

Today I was reading about the Bugatti that was featured in Top Gear last night. What a monster.

Without the Internet, I wouldn't have a blog. My blog has allows me express myself and at the same time enjoy the colourful lives of people all around the world. Kinda like "Big Brother" and their diary room, only there’s no eviction, million dollar prize or surprise intruders.

The other reasons why I love Internet - Mp3, ebay, DivX and of course, pR0n. Without these I think the Internet wouldnt' have thrived so well.

I *heart* Internet

Final Fantasy 12
I've been having wet dreams about this game for ages now. The Japanese version was released March 06 and US version October 06. That’s a lotta months drooling at screenshots from gaming sites, wishing and hoping that the Australian version be out soon.

I am a big, big, BIG fan of the final fantasy series. I've played through most of the Final Fantasy games and enjoyed them all. I only missed FF-XI because that required a monthly subscription and friends to play with online. Friends?! BOH!

This next big instalment - FF12 is gonna be so good - I would sell my own grandma, throw in my own kidneys just to play the game.

Maybe it’s the wonderful story, enjoyable gameplay,outstanding music and memorable characters which draw me so passionately to this franchise.

Or maybe it's my obsession with Japanese girls in cosplay.

In any case, I *heart* Final Fantasy
And yes, Yuna, lets get married.


Talamasca said...

KFC is evil! They serve genetically modified fowls! LOL.

So I've decided to skip fast food until my birthday in June.

Try forever. I'm actually on my second month now. Hehe. McfuckingDonald's and other fast food are just downright bloody sickening. Why eat, of all things, McfuckingDonald's, when there's so much better stuff in the world, right? ;-p

I also have the same love affair with the internet! And ZOMFG, pr0n rox my sox! LOL.

I'm already done with FFXII. Hahaha. Anyhoo, my stupid brother bought FFXI Online for our XBOX 360, yet no one dared to touch it because of that shitty subscription. Now I'm looking for prospective buyers. Dammit.

Yeah, the FF series is fun like that. When I watch a movie or serial or anime, I'm just a spectator. And most of the time I get affected to the extent that I cry, I laugh, whatthefuckever. But the feeling is doubled whenever I play RPG, or FF in this case, mainly because I control the characters. In other words, I'm like the actor, the adventurer. No shit. :-)

Alternati said...

Hahahahaha... I never thought about the Microsoft Paper Clip in that way before... hahahahha

The internet has so much to offer, I heart it to pieces. I can't imagine life without it now. I spend the same amount of time online as well.

Happy Cholesterol free Hearts Day! :)

Anonymous said...

I know KFC is evil.. but its a necessary evil im prepared to live with. And yes macdonalds can be gross.. (ive had crispy black cheesburgers before) but its so conveniently convenient!!

:( my copy of FF12 wont' be comming until the 22nd of feb. soooo many more nights to go :(

i nearly cried playing FFX.

Nearly.. coz real men don't cry

Anonymous said...


everyone loves internet. If video killed the radio star, then internet killed the video star. hahaha

i hope you've had a good valentines day too alternati. Hopefully baguio is not so heart themed as the rest of manila

bingskee said...

so, you're in RPG, too - necessities that aren't necessities at all. wonder why people, or the young generation get hooked with it.

am not much a lover of fast food pero pag gutom na, no choice. :-D

Anonymous said...


its like television or internet. You can live without it, but.. you feel like ur missing out on something if you dont' have it.

And the convenience of fast food is very tempting!