Monday, 5 February 2007

Blind Date (Part 1 of 3)

March 2003

His Place

I sat alone in the back of the 4WD as it droned is way through the dark streets of Quezon city. My cousin was well versed in driving the champagne Toyota Revo . In fact, he looked to be enjoying driving past small cars and honking his way through traffic.

My cousin, at 5'10, was bigger than me. He's got a wide built but wasn’t fat. His inch long hair was styled forward, which was odd because it was usually untreated and puffs like an Afro. He was hunched in front of the steering wheel, wearing a blue polo shirt and jeans. He seemed to be in his own world now.

My cousin and I were born the same year thats why we get along well. But we're very different. We have different priorities, different ambitions and different goals. We've taken differents paths and have now ended up in different sides.

The first time I rode with him I went pale from fright, but tonight, sitting at the back, traffic was the least of my concerns.

I had other things on my mind.

Sitting in the front passenger seat was a girl with long brown hair I've met just twice before. She wore a plain yellow top, jeans and white head band. She kinda looked like Anne Hathaway, with soft filipina features. She's very pretty. I saw her photos in my cousin's house and there I discovered how really attractive she was.

She sat there faintly humming to latest pop songs on RX931, bobbing her head as she looked out the window.

She was definitely my type. But I knew I couldn't pursue this personal inkling because she was already my cousin's girl.

The 4WD came to a red light and my cousin turned around to check up on me. He grinned
Okay ka ba dyan?
[are u okay?']
My palms were making hand prints on my brown pants. I’ve rolled up the sleeves of my white business shirt to get some air circulating through. Last thing I’d want to do is scare my blind date with wet patches around my armpits.

I want to believe I’m okay. Dressed in my best gear - including boxers I’ve just bought the previous afternoon. I was styling a new haircut, slick and sharp reinforced with a tubful of hair gel. And although a little sweaty, I was still radiating scents of Giorgio Armanis' Aqua de Gio. All I needed was a heart shaped box of chocolate and some roses and I’d complete the picture of a nerdy first date.

My stomach churned in resistance to this date.

I feinted a smile to my cousin.

I was really worried.

Then she turned to have a look at me as well I guess she found it quite adorable that I was nervous.
hwag kaalala, best friend namin si Kat, bagay kayo
[Don't worry. Kat's our best friend. You'll look good together]
She smiled.
hmmm, I hope so
And with that, I felt a little bit better.


bingskee said...

so... preparing for the Valentine's day..

and you're here sa philippines pala. talk about not having enough time to bloghop! :-)

will wait for part 2 and 3. wonder if it turn out well.

Talamasca said...

Um, where the hell is your "sweetchic", you know, the one you're doing LDR with? Did you call it quits? Or are you just philandering, huh, Will? I don't understand! I bloody don't! Hehe.

Anonymous said...

hi bingskee and talamasca,

haha i forgot to add that this happened almost 4 years ago :)

back then my voice hastn' broken yet and i didn't have my sweetchic

sweetchic said...

hahahaha dont worry talamasca,
Will's told me all about this story already :)

Talamasca said...

I thought you two are ancient history, yo. Talk about jumping to conclusions easily. Hehe. And yeah, it has occurred to me now: what type of fucktard would blog about his infidelity when his current girlfriend apparently reads his blog? Silly me.

Ok babai. :-)