Friday, 23 February 2007

Moved out

In western cultures its pretty much the norm that once you've turned 18 or 21 you should be making plans to get out of the house. Parents start giving hints like dropping the property section of the paper on your lap and yelling at you to move out.

Back in high school, I knew many that moved out because they couldn't stand living with their parents. Step parents and the high school I-know-everything-the-world-doesn't-understand -me-I’m-gonna-be-emo-for-the-next-few-years attitude don’t' mix too well.

Its only once your paying rent, water bills, gas bills, insurance and phone bills do you realise that there's more to it than just having a roof over the head.

I think because of my Asian heritage, I’m not really expected to move out until I get married.

Which is good coz I’m not planning to get married any time soon (Lisa, please don’t' invite my gf to a wedding expo).

Those who have moved say it’s liberatingly good because you can do anything you want. Eat out, eat in, sleep-in till the afternoon, walk around naked, leave the toilet seat up, have the music loud.

Freedom is nice, but I already had that. My parents are very understanding and don’t' mind me walking around naked reading the paper. They know I’m responsible enough to know what I’m doing and as long as I help around the house once in a while, everything is nice and peachy.

So how come you've moved out Will? If my mom were living in this country I’d move in with her! Free food!
Now this might sound weird, but I think I just wanted more responsibility.

I wanted to look after myself. I wanted to be responsible for doing my own cooking, cleaning, laundry (I felt bad for someone else having to remove the stains on my briefs). I know I won't learn anything if I’m in pamperland forever.

I know where I'm staying now is not my forever home. Its just a stepping stone to my own castle. But how else can I take care of somebody if I can't take care of myself right?

Now I just have to figure out why my white shirts have turned purple.

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Alternati said...

I get the whole moving out dilemma. I'm still living it. The idea of bills scares the shite out of me. Responsibility is palpable. So my kudos to you for taking the plunge! I've booked a ticket out of pamperland already, but I can't seem to pack my things up yet.

Did you happen to dunk a glass of red wine in the washer instead of detergent? :P