Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Hot and Steamy

The little sheep logo has been hounding us for days - subliminally whispering 'baaarr ree meww.. eat heeeerree yooouu fooool..'

For our last dinner in Hong Kong, my friend Sharon and I visited the Little Sheep restaurant.

I was thinking it was gonna be a steak or veal sort of eatery. Who would have thought they served steamboats! Ow well. Who could possible eat lamb with a cute logo like that.

To those unfamiliar, steamboats involve a communal boiling pot of soup and foodstuff are dropped in and later fished out to be eaten. You just need to choose your broth base and the stuff you want to drop in.

Im used to vegetables and fishballs being put in, but I guess theres nothing stopping you from steamboating steak or hamburgers (might get really soggy though, might taste weird as well).

To me the steamboat menu looked more like a lottery ticket. Not very touristy friendly. :(

But thankfully Chun was there to help us decipher the Da Vinci Code of steamboats :P
We ended throwing in all sorts of stuff - including those that we didn't even know we ordered.

We ordered the 50/50 split of the broth. We opted one half 'Mongolian Style' to spice things up.

I swear - it was soo spicy hot, just dipping fishballs in the mongolian soup turned it into fiery balls of death.

And I'm sure if it didn't burn your mouth on the way in, it'd burn you on its way out.

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