Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Default browser

Sorry for the geeky post. I just want to add my bit to the whole browser war thing (IE7 vs Firefox 2.0)

Please don't get me wrong, I was a big supporter of Mozilla and the open source community. I loved the rock solid Firefox 1.5. GO THE UNDERDOGS!!!

But for some weird reason Firefox 2 keeps on crashing on me. Not just my home PC, but my work one too! And it seems like I'm the only one experiencing this problem. Its so annoying it's prompted me to try the 'dark-side' browser.

IE7 has everything Firefox 2 offers plus they do a rendering thing which makes text look soft. Its pleasing to the eye - which is important for geekomoids who are in front of the PC all day.

Here's a section from the entertainment page of Sydney Morning Herald.

If we zoom at the text you'll see this.

Above: Firefox 2.0 fonts at 800% zoom

Above: IE7 fonts at 800% zoom

It looks blurry - but in normal zoom, its soft and easy to the eyes.

Problems with IE7 is that its 14megs, it doesn't have spell check and that they do a 'authentication' thing during install to make sure you own a legit version of Windows.

But i'm sure we all have legit versions of Windows :P


FLip said...

Hey Will, yeah we use IE7 at work and we've had no problems...but we also use Firefox at home on the MAC and it's never given us probs...maybe it's working on a MAC..hehehe

good luck dude.

Will said...

Just found out that IE7 causes Outlook 98 to crash!!

Everytime I replied to an email in HTML format it would crash :(

Why would microsoft release one application that clashes with another one they made?

Alternati said...

Sacrilege!!! IE over Firefox? Tsk tsk tsk..

just kidding

Probably, so long as the windows is "legit", you're still stickin it to the man. :P