Saturday, 15 July 2006

HK Wet Markets

There's something uniquely different about the wet markets in Hong Kong.

Because the locals are also into more 'exotic' things, a trip down the markets becomes a blog worthy experience.

I was going to take photos of the meat section but the vendors where giving me evil stares.
They probably thought I was a food inspector or police.
Their paranoia comming from recent local news about HK vendors illegally importing pork from China.
Plus everybody knows what pork and beef looks like.

The chicken section I skipped on. They had live chickens in cages and chicken skinned and chopped.
I stayed away.
It wasn't in my schedule to catch Bird Flu.

But the fish section was definitely cool.
They had sharkbits, fish tails, eels, starfish, abalone, snakes, weird lookin` crabs. Maybe they had dolphin and turtles too!
Who knows.
But this was my favourite.
Im sure one of them is a prince waiting for his kiss.


buuurp said...

hahaha nice one.

frogs in a net.

sa dami nun sana andun man lang si prince charming.

how cheesy.

i would really wanna see HK sometime :o

ang linis ng market ah.

Joe said...

mmmm frog legs

Will said...


kakagulat nga ang kalinisan nung palangke.
Pero yung mga tindero endi mukang malinis. Nangingilaw yung mga sando nila sa pawis.

Will said...


we had frogs legs later in a chinese restaurant.

Our local guide said its not cool to eat frogs anymore.

Didn't think it was ever cool.

Anonymous said...

Kadiri ang frogs. Cool blog post though.


peterlavina said...

Ive been to HK four times but miss the wet markets. But in many streets I noticed many stores sell dried mussels (tahong) whereas none sell this in RP. Meron ba nito sa Perth? Nice blog.

Will said...

thanks for dropping by peter!

I also saw lots and lots of the dried seafood around Hong Kong island.

i think they have dried mussels in the oriental stores here in Perth.

but yeah - i prefer baked fresh tahong than dried ones :)

bing said...

frogs???? sinigang or adobo? he he ayaw!

Will said...

sinigang na lang.. para malasahan mo pa yung balat at laman. hahahah
yuck yuck! :p