Saturday, 4 March 2006

Sana sa Beach

35-40 degree summer days happen between December and February here in Australia. What do we do on these blistering hot days? Go to the beach of course!
Essential beach items items. Sunscreen to stop yarself burnin` and sunnies to protect your sensitive eyes from extreme UV rays. Also useful when spying on bodies.

Cottesloe beach is a very popular beach in Perth.
*Insert Baywatch theme*

Speaking of Baywatch, there are flags on the beach to tell people were they can swim. Swim beyond the flags and you'll disappear from the watchful eyes of the lifeguards and you'll be in shark territory.

Cottesloe has a nice grassy area for those who don't want to get sand on their clothes, ears, nose, hair, buttcracks and so on.
Indiana tea house enjoys a nice location by the beach. Its also the post for the lifeguards.

After perving at the hot bodies on the beach enjoying the sun and surf, people usually visit the shops and stores across the streets. There is the ice cream shop and fish n chip store, but we opted for the bar in Cottesloe hotel
We met the Lynx (Axe) promotion girls at the Cott hotel. Hehehe. Double cheers to that!

Beach is cool. I like it!


Talamasca said...

Yeah, I heard that it's scalding there in Australia while Santa Claus and his gang came. Hehe. Nice photos by the way! And you should come back here in the Philippines, for our summer is just starting!!! Woo hoo! I'm so excited to hit the bitches, erh, beaches! LOL.

Will said...

Yeaah! that would be great. I could have an an endless summer :P
I have to say, Boracay is da bomb! My only problem was that the food was sooo good that i looked like a walrus on the beach after a few days.

ade said...

i. envy. you.

Will said...

envy is such a strong word :P
hehehe. Just lucky that particular day.

i envy filo guys in manila. i heard guy to girl ratio there is 3 to 1.