Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Dilemma on a Bachelor's Night

This post is rated M. For males only! hahaha :P

The "Buck's Night" is the groom-to-be's last crazy night as a single man and he wants to spend his last night of craziness with his 'just as crazy' friends and family. You've seen it in movies and you've seen it in tv shows. These nights involves men behaving badly and lots of scantly clothed women.

Unfortunately for me i've never seen through a bachelor's night. Something always happens that ends it abruptly for me. All i'll hear are the wild stories from the night before that the guys will be talking about during the wedding. On the two previous occassion that I've been invited to a buck's night I missed the excursion to the strip club because my younger brother cannot hold his alcohol. I was faced with choosing between the naked ladies and taking care of my younger brother. I regretfully always choose to take my brother home (he has the worst cleavage! ahahaha).

So I was particularly happy on this occassion because my brother was not invited! Now we should be able to get to the fun part :P

I arrived pinoy style to the party (several hours late). So I was forced to catch up with the rest of them on drinks. Four bottles in half an hour is a lot for a non-beer drinker like me! Especially on an empty stomach. Surely enough I was tipsily happy in no time. hehehe

Groom-to-be and me. I can still muster a peace sign - told you I wasn't drunk!

Like peas and carrots, beer and pizza go together quite well. Only problem is the bloated feeling and unpleasant pizza-beer breath (powerful deterrent to girls)

And because I was starting to play with my food, the rest of the guys decided it was time to head out.
Where else?!!!

Thankfully strip clubs in Australia are legal. The women take EVERYTHING off (not like that Boat place near Monumento that my cousin took me to. hahaha that was dodgy!) There are rules of course. The dancers are not allowed to um.. part their legs too much.. and no um.. disappearing object tricks hahah. For the audience there is only one rule - they touch you, you don't touch them. Touching will have the bouncers break your arms and throw you out.

Of course I wanted to take photos and post it on a porn site but if I was caught taking photos they could confiscate my camera. I wouldn't want that, how else could I blog?!

Inside Exotica were sexy women who go around collecting tip money. Like in real life, the women flocked around guys who flashed lots of money. Obviously my smile and charms were not going to work here. But who cares about trying to impress them. They already naked! Hehehehe :P

Don't get me wrong - this is something you do once or twice a year. I wouldn't go there on a regular basis because 1) The place is full of creepy weirdos and 2) its hell expensive. Its $32/P1345 for normal days. We got a discount because it was a buck's night (only $5/P210!). But thats just entrance fee. You need to fork out tipping money to enjoy.

After an hour of admiring Australia's finest 'personality' I received a txt message. Apparently my good friend Sau was going away for good on Monday and that this was his last night before he flew away, never to be seen for a long long long long time. I needed to meet up with him and friends straight away.

So I was faced with the dilemma again. Fine australian personality versus my friend Sau. It's specially difficult to think properly when the beer is playing with your mind and yumyums are RIGHT THERE! jiggling about in front of you. *sigh* Why o why!!!!!

Later I heard all the dancers did a school girl number. Some of the guys were there till 4 am.

Some friends have HORRIBLE HORRIBLE timing!!!


ade said...

"Some friends have HORRIBLE HORRIBLE timing!!!"

i know the feeling! hahaha!

Will said...

self sacrifice! thats what it is. hehehehe

bing said...

buck night is what others call stag party?

Will said...


thats it! stag party! thats the US name for it. aussies use Bucks.

that mean ive used the wrong title!! hahahah ow well :P

thanks for visiting!