Sunday, 19 February 2006

Fishbowl Blog: Freemantle

Once in a while my friends and I find time to cater for our primitive hunting instincts. We go fishing!!

The usual suspects: Will, Thuan and Ben

Perth has many fishing spots - one of the most popular is Freemantle. Freemantle is Western Australia's major shipping port. The city is a touristy place popular for its heritage, cafe strip and Fish n Chips! We went to Freemantle on a late afternoon to find a lot of other people with fish in their minds

One fish I REALLY want to catch. Honda Integra Type R. Sweeeet!

Thuan ponders on a fishy thought

Because there were so many people, it was difficult to find a place to set up. We tried some spots but the results were disastrous! Thuan caught a: buoy!! and a..

.. a seagull!! What are the chances of that!!

Things started to look bad. I didn't like the thought of going home empty handed and having dinner at Macdonalds again. We needed a spot and we needed it badly! Lucky for us a few fishermen left early.

Tools of the trade:
1) 10 Foot fishing rod - equiped with 30lbs fishing line
2) Tackle box - holds a cache of hooks, swivels, sinkers. Has a knife, pliers and mosquito repellant
3) Head lamp - EXTREMELY GEEKY looking when put on, but lights up the darkness

This was our bait - Mullies. I think they'd be good enough to eat if they weren't so mushy

One of the things I love about fishing is the 'hanging out' there by the sea. The view is awesome and the breeze is really calming. Helps me de-stress from the hustle and bustle of everyday chores.

Handsome fishermen do exist! Heheheh :P

Once it started getting dark, we attached glow sticks to our lines. Some say it attracts fish. I put it to help me see where my line is! Can also be used for clubbing! *electronica music - doof doof doof *

Its like kryptonite for Superfishies - its their weakness!

And sure enough, I caught a Taylor (aka Milkfish) moments later !!! Yay!Note all the saltspray on my glasses. I refuse to see how geeky I am with that headlamp!

The unpleasantries of fishing.

Bait, fish blood n guts and the long-lasting fishy smell on your hands.

After a long wait - I scored another fish!!

A skippy! Undersized, so I had to throw it back or I'll get arresed for being a pedophile.

Thuan with his first ever Taylor catch! He's not a Taylor virgin anymore! Now he's a fisherMAN hehehe.

So after a few hours out there on the rocks, this was our bounty:

Five pieces of fish! Boh! Not even enough to feed us three!
I guess no fish for dinner. But at least we didnt' go home empty handed :)


ade said...

image heavy. whoa.

astig. d pa ako nakakapag-fishing.:)

(i know, i'm missing out on the fun)

Will said...

hahaha. im a bit trigger happy on the camera!

Fishing is definitely something everyone should try!

I used to fish in my lola's aquarium. i couldn't catch the goldfish with the paperclip though.

melai said...

mangingisda ang tatay ko dati kaya ako rin natry ko na dati yan :). So nasa perth ka pala, yung couple housemate namin will be there soon, depende pag may nakuha ng work baka mapa-aga :)...thanks sa pagbisita sa bahay ko :)

Will said...

sana makapunta mga housemates mo dito. kulang mga pinoyskies dito sa perth! :)