Friday, 17 February 2006

Endings and Beginnings

A popular saying goes,
All good things come to an end
Must all good things always come to an end? Like a tray of TimTams, a season of 24. Why do awesome things never last! And yet the annoying crappy things in life seem to keep on going! Like taxes and pimples and dishwashing.

Two of my buddies are leaving at the end of the month. They’re flying overseas to seek greater fame and glory. They haven’t gone yet, but I’m already starting to miss them. They are the catalysts to non-stop partying. They are my sports, my comic and my perving buddies. They are channels of useless trivia wisdom and will always be an inspiration. They are the coolest friends.

They’ll be back they say, but somehow I feel an era is ending.

Surrendering to the notion that life has cycles makes me a bit sad. Something that starts off wonderful will surely end in sadness. Life then death. Full bottle of CC’s then empty bottle. I wish things can start off wonderful, then get sad somewhere in the middle, then end happily.

Hang on!
Oh now I get it. I guess I was thinking about this the wrong way.
Things always start of sad. And something comes along and makes it great.
Then THAT's how it ends.
Silly me.


ade said...

as they say, the only constant thing in life is change.

manel said...

All good things come to an end because you would know what "better" would mean if it wont :)

keep ur chin up, ull be fine!

Will said...


Thats true. its just that change can be so unpredictable, its easier to hope things remain the same.

like new underwear for example... :)

Will said...


its going to be hard to keep my chin up because i found out that another two of my friends are going overseas! so thats 4 of my buddies going away! *sigh*
its okay, ill just find some new buddies then :)

manel said...

awww.. oh well, people grow naman because of changes.

Will said...


yeah. like they say, time = changes.