Monday, 6 June 2011

Officially Not Young

Its my birthday week and we've been doing lots of eating!!


I really should stop these huge birthday dinners coz I'm sure their starting to affect my health.

But how can you say no to eating ?  :P

Had a lovely birthday this year.  Got some quality time with my families (plural now!) and we all had a good time.

Such a contrast from last years big 30th mexican birthday celebration.  That was a lot of work and preparation.  It was all good fun and well worth the effort but I don't think I could do another costume party this year.

What's amazing is how much can happen in a year.

In the last twelve months, I gotten married, gone on a honeymoon, got a puppy, been a groomsman, got a sandwich-melt-thing-that-makes-triangle-shaped-toasted-goodness, even got new a new phone contract.  And thats just me!  Family and friends have had kids, got married or engaged, bought houses, got new jobs.

Life certainly passes faster as you get older.

The best part of my birthday, and I guess every other day, is I get to spend it with Anh. :)  Coming home to her (and Lychi) always brings a smile to my face.

My birthday wish would be for people to cherish their time with their loved ones.  I'm seeing lots of friends and family work so hard that I feel like they've missed the point on why they're working so hard.

There is a global shortage of time which makes it so precious - which is why it should be spent with loved ones.

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Angie said...

Happy birthday! :)