Tuesday, 30 November 2010

End of Spring 2010

No more weddings!!!  HOOOOOoooorrraaaaay!!!!

Well... at least for 2010  :)  More weddings already planned for 2011.

It feels like Anh and I have just been doing wedding things the past few months so were both really glad its over!
Spring Wedding #1
 Spring Wedding #2
 Spring Wedding #3

After our wedding, we attended Tuyen and Than's wedding and then Joe and Yip's wedding last Friday.

But with every wedding comes the honeymoon!!
Yay for honeymoons!

We're planning on heading to Hong Kong and Macau to see the sites and of course - TO GET FAT :P

That is of course, if we find the food places in Hong Kong.

Last time I was there, food was notoriously hard to find.  And going without a translator - this will be challenge!

Maybe I should bring pictures of food hehehe.  Anyone recommend any good places in Hong Kong?


Now I'm not one to be "hatin'" all the time, but I'm already hating the summer heat.  :S

Must be the recent hot spell or maybe I'm just PMSing today, but I just dont' have love for the hot days.
Especially here in Perth when it scorches to around +35C for several weeks straight with a few 40 degree days thrown in just for fun.

I can already see myself cooking in my car or getting sun burnt for hanging laundry.


I would just rather have spring, autumn and winters. :P Three seasons of joy!

Speaking of Joys - Christmas is just around the corner!!

Despite my confused outlook to Christmas (I was commercialised with white Christmas when I was a kid, but the summer Christmas here in Australia messed me up), Christmas is still a time I enjoy.

Looking forward to having the little nephews run around the house giggling and laughing.

And I wish mom cooks her chicken with white mushroom sauce, that would be so good!

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