Friday, 12 November 2010


I'm so sad lolz :P

After the halloween party, my electric shaver went on holidays and since then I've been growing a beard.
The thing is, I'm not growing it because I think it looks good (im not even growing it for a good cause- Movember).

I'm just growing it as an experiment to see if I can grow one at all! Coz not all asian guys can grow beards, they grow whiskers some guys.

On the plus side I think people at work take me a bit more serious (maybe I do look scary). On the down side my wife calls me a terrorist.

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bing said...

i remember my boss (he had resigned) that he tried to grow a beard and a mustache. when he suddenly appeared in my room, i exclaimed, "what happened to you??? you looked like a rapist!!" the next day, he's not wearing them anymore. :-D