Friday, 22 October 2010

New lens!

I got my new 35mm F1.8 lens today!!! My first prime lens :)

Yeah yeah yeah!!!!
Harvey Norman was selling this for around A$400!!!! :S 
I ebayed it and got it for $240 - delivered. Hehehe, yoink! :P
THE huge apperture on this baby should get me some good low light shots of..


wait for it...

wait for it.....


wait for it.....


That's right!  Burgers!!!

I got this lens to take photos of burgers!!  :)
Anh and I are planning on to go on a burger road trip so this should be able to get me some good bokkeh of burgers hahahaha.

We're on a mission to gallery all the burgers in Perth.  Then maybe burgers from all around the world hehehe.
Plus the Nikon lens It just happens to be a very good everyday lens too!.  

Its very stumpy.  Lolz.
Very excited about the photography possibilities.
Also very excited about finishing my php project..  

and finishing Uncharted 2 
and Starcraft 2 

and finishing projects around the house.. 

hahaha I've got a lot so many things on my plate, I wonder when I'll ever have time to date my wife.
Maybe she wants to eat burgers tonight. :)

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SK said...

Mmmm . . . Prime Lens . . .