Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Before I post the BIGGEST THING EVER TO HAPPEN TO ME! I thought I'd post the little things that made my month of October. Save the best for last. :P

Our house went from having nine people running around like lunatics (everything was frantic during my brother's wedding) to just three people now.

And its really quite shocking how quiet the house has become.

I blame it my little nephews. They're so loud, always running around screaming and crying. You kinda get used to it after a while, but it goes weird when they're not there.


For some weirdly reason, there's been a lot of ice cream eating around my household this month.
Its like every dinner someone would should out "Ice cream?!" Not that its a bad thing, just weird because ice cream was a contraband in our house for its high sugar and fat content. Now its like ice cream day every day!

My brother introduce us to this brand of ice cream - available from Fresh Provisions.

Also available from Fresh Provisions is this - Hershey's Choco Syrup!!

First Aid

Anh and I did a first aid course together.

Learning what to do when people choke, how to tie up a bandage and sling, what to do in emergency - all good stuff!!

But I don't know about the take-home dummy to practice CPR though... that was a bit crappy. And the course itself was too rushed. It tried to cover a lot of theory and practical stuff in the one day. Thankfully we've both done some sort of training before so it didn't go over our head.

Now I just have to remember to order the first aid kits.

But what was really cute/cool/funny was us being in the same class together. We were like high school kids with little desks and paper and such. Then we had lunch together, we shared notes, compared test scores, then we both put each other in the recovery position.


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