Thursday, 24 September 2009


I met someone online.

I was just floating about in my own little world, not really knowing what I was doing.

Then I met this person who changed all of that.

We were online for ages.

And I slept quite late because it was so easy to lose track of time when we discovered we had so much in common.

Of course my girlfriend had a good laugh when I told her about this.

I got her with the first line. Hehehehe.

I'm guessing she thought it was something sinister. But I was merely referring to when I met someone playing Guild Wars last week.

She thought it was cute that I met an online friend (she finds it cute when I make friends).

But I didn't even know if it the other person was a guy a girl a polecat or a hermaphrodite. All I knew was that we were both from Perth and that we both had warrior characters and that were both slugging through the core missions to unlock skills.

I guess that's one of the cool things about the internet. You can be part of a community and interact without the prejudice on who you actually are, but more so on your online persona, which you can change quite easily! I go from Hunky chunky monkey Warrior to my Sexy monk in a few clicks.

I named my warrior after a pokemon character. My monk after ladies shoes.

But like a double edged sword of fortitude (+46 health), that anonymity could mean that i was sharing my night gaming with a fat guy who's secret fetish is warriors clad in very tight armour. *shudder*

I like the idea of the player looking more like Mariah Carey in her Touch my Body video. Coz she's hawt and a gamerz! Hehehhe.


There was a time not so long ago (is it ten years already?), when IRC chatting was THE hawt online app for meeting people!

IRC was king.

For a couple of years I remember spending many nights loitering chatrooms playing silly trivia games and making idle conversation.

And a few times, I did meet girls who raised my eyebrow with keen interest. (oh yeah I was da man!)

Progress would be spending more nights just chatting about trivial stuff or even exchanging emails.

And one time *gasp* I even exchanged phone numbers. What a disaster that was - but thats another story.

But I always tended to shy away when they wanted pictures or they wanted to cam-chat.

I guess I just prefer the idea that they look like Mariah (touch my body). Plus I didn't really want to be starting something online. Just not my style.

But its all different now with blogging and social networking sites like MyFacester*TM. I mean, they all still offer chatting and I guess if you find someone who's profile fits your bill then you can just pop them a message.

But its so different to old-school IRC!

In IRC, there was that hidden challenge of trying to make your online persona with just ASCII characters and from what you type and say. And not knowing what a person looked like or what their friends were like were all part of what made chatting fun and appealing. That mystery and that chase. And you can talk and make connections without so much the screening on how you looked or how many friends you have or your bejeweled master score.

*Will slaps himself with a wet fish*

But I dunno. I haven't really tried socialising with strangers in MyFacester*TM

I shouldn't have to anyways. 'Coz if I did, that means I'm trawling and 'looking for potentialz' which would wrong and would upset certain parties in my currently flourishing and lovely romantic relationship *ahem *ahem. /end disclaimer.

But yeah, maybe I'm just getting old. Or too old fashioned.

Maybe there's something there in MyFacester*TM that lets people connect. I just haven't seen that yet. Probably because my profile is inundated Mafia Wars updates!!! How do I turn that off?!!

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