Monday, 8 June 2009

Pictures by Birthday

I think I've contacted a really bad strain of Swine Flu.  
The type that makes you pig out a lot  :P
Courtesy of all these mini birthday celebrations I've been having. 

I have to say many thanks to my family and friends.  I'm not used to being spoiled so much.  But everyone's been really great.  

I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about how really lucky I am for having such wonderful people around me.


I greeted my birthday watching Koreans!  I really should sleep early.  Just one more episode... 

I actually ironed my work clothes!

My eggplant and keyboard at work

I brought a box of Granny's giant muffins to work!!  So much better than the usual Cheesecake Shop stuff that everyone brings or the muffins from this place. And can get them cheap cheap from their factory!  

I actually did work on my birthday! Scary stuff.

If you don't like Honey Chicken @ Chilliz, there's something seriously wrong with you.

Peter gave me a Persimmon for my birthday. Hopefully it gives me luck :P

Pub #1 - Bobby Dazzlers.  The girls left us and went to the Guess Sale.  Typical!

Pub #2 - Moon and Sixpence.  Tania and Mikeal dropped by. Shame someone farted whilst I was talking to them. That and the alcohol made conversations very difficult.

Pub #3 - Belgian.  Wooaw! Nice!

Pub #4 - Carnegie's. We didn't stop to drink here coz the guards were being picky with our shoes. 

Pub # 5 - Dirty Nelly.  There's only so much Guinness I could take!

Pub break - Takas! We discovered you can order Jap mayo for 50cents!! Oh yeah!  

Pub # 6 - Tiger Lils.  Packed!  All was alright until the drink below...

After these shots (Chatruz?! and Marilyn Manson), I lost sense of taking photos. 

Or why I'm a Spartan.

Legs went numb 20 minutes later.

+Hang over.

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