Thursday, 26 March 2009

Whats Cooking

With all the eating out I've been doing, I'm starting to feel like I'm mutating into something.  

Something MSG based.  

Maybe with two heads.  
And a breast.
And chicken feet. 

Not good at all.

To prevent this awful mutation, I needed a nice home cooked meal.

Now I wouldn't say I'm incompetent in the kitchen, because I CAN boil water.  

But my last attempt at cooking a roast chicken turned pale and soggy.  

And I did come fifth out of six in the last Iron Chef competition (I think I didn't come last because I actually put some effort).  

The girlfriend was once complaining that I didn't cook for her.
After the omelet I served her, where the eggs were still runny, I don't think she'll be wanting any more food from me for a loooooong time.

For my nice home cooked meal, I pulled out the ULTIMATE COOK BOOK for manly men (like me).

The Four ingredient cook book.

How can you go wrong! All recipes - requiring only four ingredients!!

Whoaa! It's as simple as 1-2-3-4!

In ten minutes, I was able to whip up this awesome beef stir fry.

Well.  maybe not the best tasting stir-fry.  Frozen vegetables don't have the same texture of their fresh counterpart.  

But still, I was able to fool my brother I bought it from the Thai restaurant down the street (either my cooking is good or the Thai restaurant is really bad 

or my brother was just really hungry).

Although, this is kinda cheating-cooking because it uses 'convenience' foods like frozen vegetables.  

But then again, what is cooking nowadays?  

2-minute noodles cooking?  

1) The 1kg steak challenge at Outback Jacks is crazy!!
2) Team Fortress 2 - So addictive.  This is the sole reason I haven't been blogging for ages
3) Hit prediction: Nickelback - Never Gonna Be Alone


SK said...

Good to see you cooking! The stir-fry looks nice. :) I'm much more an instant noodle person . . mmmmmm . . indo mie goreng!

J said...

Frozen vegetables is not 'cheating' - it's just another form of the vegetables. Cheating is when you use pre-made sauces, cake mixex, gravies etc... Got to give you credits for cooking - and it looks healthy and yummy too!