Monday, 2 February 2009

Lessons from a Wedding Day

The wedding day has come come and gone. 

I think we're all relieved its finally over.  

Everything turned out really well and I'm sure many had a great time.  

The blistering heat, I think, was the only hindrance for the day.

But like every other day, I learnt lots of new things.  :) I thought maybe I'd share a few.

1. Sleep the night before is (almost) impossible
With the amount of things going through your head, its really difficult to get some good shut-eye. 
And the fact you need to get up and look fresh for the photos compounds the need for good sleep.

But to sleep early is too difficult for norturnals like me.

I tried to work myself tired by doing some training exercises and lots of push ups. I got all worked up from the Donnie Yen movie (Ip Man) that we saw.

Donnie Yen is da (Ip) man!

But exercising just increased the heart rate and kept me up even more.  Even worse, I woke up sore from muscles i didn't exercise, let alone muscles I didn't even have.

So perhaps to get some shut eye try Valium? or a bottle of vodka?  

Or if really desperate, an Ethan Hawke movie.

2. Do not underestimate the power of Wasabi Peas
Chinese traditional requires the groom to pass a series of test before he can get the bride.  

The tests include mini-games like eating lemons or doing squats.  

In our case, we had to eat a bowlful of Wasabi Pees in under one minute.  
Small but deadly

Wasabi peas are alright one at a time.  

But collectively, as in, a handful, its enough to bore you a new nostril.

3. Black absorbs light, heat energy
I knew it was going to be hot, but I didn't know it was going to be THAT hot! 

I must have sweated 10 litres of water in that black suit.

We looked hot

The funny thing is that I rolled on the armpit anti perspirant, so I wasn't sweating from my armpits (in the beginning).  Instead I had sweat streams flowing down my back.  

So lesson learnt - layer on the anti-persperant. 

If you're unfortunate enough like me who can't afford the spray on stuff, roll that thing everywhere!! To every nook and cranny you can reach!! 

There will be a slight chance of fainting from heat-exhaustion, but that's probably better than winning the wet t-shirt competition.

4. Photographers are Nazis over their work
I was enjoying my time taking photos until the Photographer told me off for taking a photo of the bride in the 'setup they created'. WTFBBQ?? 

In all honesty, photographers and how they 'own' the photos is a really messed-up setup.  Why the hell do photographers insist on owning the photos? what? someone going 'to pirate' the photo and create thousands of it?! Someone going to see the photo and copy their style? Pffff!

What they should do is put a really small watermark on the bottom corner and sell the digital files to the clients.  And if the clients want them to print some pics and put in an album then, yeah, do so.  That way we all know its their work and the clients get all the photos they rightfully deserve.

I can't wait for some talented photographer to do this.  Its just a matter of time before this archaic I'm-the-photographer-I-own-all-photos business model fall apart. 

5. Do not underestimate the power of the Emergency Kit
You can tell how well a wedding is prepared by the size of the Emergency Kit. 

The emergency kit that I saw was so prepared! It had sewing stuff, umbrellas, cleaning kits. 

I swear there was another bridal dress there somewhere!

6. Weddings are not goodbyes
As quoted by the groom 

'to my new parents, don't think of it as losing your daughter, think of it as gaining another problem'


I've been to too many weddings where it sounded like the couple were going to vapourise to another planet and everyone is saying their goodbyes!

7. Speeches are best served warm
Liquid courage goes a long way.

8. Little people do big things too
Lots of preparation goes a long way.  

But on the big day, the bride and groom are incapacitated with entertaining aunties and uncles and photos and hair and makeup, etc. etc....  

You really need other people to round around to tidy up the small things like greeting the florists, telling people where to sit and tackling the video guy if he's done something wrong.  :)

Really quite a great day.  
Thanks Alvin and Lisa.  

I'm honoured and really glad I got to part of your special day.

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