Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Dear Santa

1) Code Geass
2) Crysis
3) Sega Dreamchick

Dear Santa,

Its been a while since I last wrote to you. About 20 or so years? You only have my dad to blame for that. He told me that you didn't really exist and that you were a marketing icon made up by Coca-Cola.

But hey, if you were real, then I would have missed out on so many years of Christmas presents!

So that's the purpose of this letter. To give you an update on if I've been bad or good, so you can decide to grant my Christmas wishes or not.

If you ask me, I wouldn't really know if I've been bad or good this year.

I'd like to think I've been good. But I guess that depends entirely on which side of the fence you sit on.

There's a few times I know I've been bad.

Like during the Iron Chef Night I had with friends. We were all suppose to cook a mint dish, and then we all score each other's dish in the end.

It was suppose to be friendly competition. But I got a bit obsessed. I was hoping everyone's dish would suck. That kind of mentality got me in the end. 2nd last is pretty disappointing.

Next time rather than thinking "I wish all their dishes turn bad, so I'll win", I'll behave and think, "I wish all the dishes turn good so we can all have a great dinner".

My Iron Chef dish, Crumbed pork rolled in Udon and Mint leaf

There's a few groups out there who probably think I'm a bad person.

Like the teenagers who run up to my car on traffic intersections to clean my windscreen and demand money.

They always end screaming that I'm a greedy person. Its not so much the swearing or the fact that they're using what they earn to buy cigarettes, but the fact that they do such a bad job that I stop myself from helping them out. I mean, if I opened a can of baked beans and smeared it on my windscreen, it would still be more visible than the work they do.

Then there's this guy who probably thinks I'm the scum of the earth.

He's the man I sold a television to during swap mart.

He looked me in the eyes and asked "Is this really working?". He was staring right into my soul and I outright LIED to him!!

I said "YUP! I'm pretty sure it works completely", with a smile.

This knowing that that channel 8, 9 only appears in black and white. But my girlfriend insists that its still working (because the composite inputs all work fine). Still, I'm on a 2 year hiatus from swap marts just in case the guy comes back with a machete or wanting his $15 back.

There's also a few dudes in Guildwars that hate me.

I've joined random parties where the players were rude and demand so much. I purposely didn't heal them and they eventually died and got pissed off. Hehehe I think its funny. But I guess from their point of view I'm a bad apple.

I won't even mention the stuff I've downloaded on the net.

The girlfriends of the guys I'm going to Thailand with, probably think I'm the Minister of sinister. That I'd selfishly take their partners away to a remote exotic location for debauchery and partying.

I'm going for the 'distance makes the heart grow fonder approach here'. Hopefully when reunited with partners after the trips, they'd all recognise what I've done for them.

Or maybe not.

Thankfully there's a lot of good in me that you can count on.

I've done so many good things this year that I can't even recall one of them. I'm sure you know most of them.



Like stuff, you know. I'm sure you pick it up on your good behaviour radar all the time.
But yeah, I wouldn't want to bore you with that.

So now for my wish list!!

See the attacked booklet for the things that I want.
And you don't have to worry about delivering to me on Christmas. I'm quite happy to accept it express post.

Thanks Santa,

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