Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Swap Marting

A few weeks back my girlfriend and I decided to sell our old stuff in a swap mart (aka trash or treasure).

Nothing like a good spring-clean to make space for new things :P

It was really hard work because we had to gather all the stuff we wanted sold and then cram it into the car.

The most difficult part was waking up 5AM to claim a spot. Getting a spot is so intensely competitive, some of the sellers camp overnight!

Its crazy.

Thankfully we had McMuffins to lift our spirits.

It was a long day of dealing with all sorts of people . But thankfully we sold most of our stuff.

Our swap mart bay

Of course we were practically giving stuff away. We sold a PC, monitor, mouse, keyboard all for $2. We also sold a working 68cm Sony television for $15!

Actually, we gave a lot of stuff away!

We gave toys to kids and we donated a chunk of our profit back to Rotary.

The whole experience made me realise how far me and my family have come. We use to be the ones roaming the swap mart looking for bargains. It was such a great feeling finding the item you needed at a great price.

To the man who bought my Playstation 2. May it bring you hours and hours of happiness the way it brought me hours and hours of happiness..

..and eye bags.

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