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Probably one of the best things I learnt from my dad is to keep a track of my daily expenses.

I use to think my dad was nutty for writing down how much he spent every day. He'd scribble in his note book every little thing. Shopping, parking, fuel, bills and even postage stamps cost. My sister hated it because she thought it borderlined OCD.

But really, when you start earning (doesn't matter how much), its important to know where your money is going.

Its kinda like eating where budgeting is like counting calories. If its not balanced right, you can end up being very thin... financially.

Okay, maybe that analogy wasn't good. But you know what I mean.

I've been doing this for about six years now and its fascinating seeing where my money's been going.

My 2007 budget results. Heading up is good, heading down is bad

Every year, I seem to get the same kinda pattern. I lose out heaps during April, June and September. Blasted birthdays! Hehehe.

But looking back, its quite surprising that I spent a lot more money when I was single than with a girlfriend. (Hmm... this could get me into a lot of trouble... I hope she's not reading this....).

Blame it on those boozy saturday nights with the boys.

Blame it also on being too self consciousness.

When single and out on the prowl, you're always a bit more conscious about the way you look. So you spend a bit more on joining gyms, latest gadgets, buying clothes, hair care products like puttys/paste/mud/gel/sweet n sour sauce thickener. Plus you go out to dinners and clubbing more often.

Once you have a girlfriend you kinda 'let go', if I can put it so loosely.

Now I'm saving heaps by not looking after myself, not exercising, not washing my hair and not using soap.

So here's a money saving tip for guys out there - go get a girlfriend***.

Browsing through my records, I thought I'd share some of my best and bad buys over the years.

Wastes of money
Low rider - I spent a huge amount of clams getting my car lowered. Looked nice. But not cool when the car grated every speed bump and curb over an inch high. I spent another lot of clams to get my car raised.

VCD Player - I was pretty sure I was going to buy lots and lots of VCDs when I visited Philippines (think naughty). But I didn't a chance to. So I was left with a VCD player with no VCDs.

and Booze - hundreds of clams spent on alcohol multiplied by number of wednesday, fridayssaturdays with the boys. Yes, that's a lot of money. Especially waste of money when you throw up (makes for very expensive vomit).

Vandalism - Wasted a lot of clams paying for insurance because my car was vandalized. I could have used that money on hotdogs...

Best Buys
Socky Socks - I'm still smiling from the 3 pairs of socks for 2 clams that my brother bargained in Singapore. Love them socks.

Hunsa American Hotdogs (with cheese) - best quality hotdogs in my local supermarket. I read somewhere (a fictitious article) that hotdogs were good for you.

GPS Navigator - Lost without you, honestly.

Playstation 2 & laptop - these boxes provide for so much entertainment its not funny. Definitely worth every clam invested (I'm foreseeing the PS3 will be a bargain too... when the good games come out).

*** only works with low maintenance girlfriends.

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