Wednesday, 30 January 2008

YouTube's got acoustic talent

A few months ago I was surfing around YouTube looking for the Britney Spears video to add to a blog post. I stumbled upon a couple of guys singing Gimme More acoustic version. I was impressed!

That got me thinking - surely there are other people singing acoustic versions of popular songs. Maybe they sound just as good?

Check out this guy:

His 2nd version of Ne-Yo's - Because of You rocks my pants.

Hahaha. This video is crazy as well. Im pretty sure the singer is pinay (heheh pinoy hotness & talent!!). This one is a phully sick duet.

There's so much talent out there in YouTube land. It makes me wonder what some of the record companies are thinking when they sign up some weirdos. It must make judging shows like idol or XFactor really hard.

This here is a nice rendition of Leona Lewis's song.

These guys have an album already, but I still want unfamiliar talent on my post :)

But my biggest find was this girl.

She can sing and it doesn't hurt that she's very pretty too! Marie Digby (who's half Irish - half Japanese) was almost a nobody a few months ago. Now she's attracted the attention of record labels. Her new single is being played on the radios now.


If I only had a camera, I could be on YouTube too.

Minus the talent.

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