Sunday, 20 January 2008


1) Chris Brown - With You
2) Robot Soccer @ PotBlack Northbridge
3) Jenny & Juno (Korean Movie)

I've been talking about kids a lot the past few days.

About parenting and how cute my little nephews have been.

So my girlfriend is scared that I'm getting clucky.

Ohhh man, she couldn't be more wrong.

I'm 300% sure Im not wanting kids.
Not now anyways.

Infact, I've been trying to avoid kids altogether. But the little critters have been stalking me.

Well, stalking might be a bit too harsh, maybe tormenting is a better word.

My sister and her two kids have been staying with us so the two toddlers are running around destroying our house.

And since I'm around the house more often these days I spend quite a bit of time with them.

I've seen Disney's Cars four times this week.

The screaming and the crying and the smelly diapers and the crying and the screaming.

I now have so much respect for sane mothers.
And I understand now why some mothers go insane. Crazy stuff having kids are.

With kids - the only free time you get is when they're asleep. So the earlier you get them to sleep the better.

Problem is, what if they don't want to sleep?

With kids, good luck trying to have a nice meal at a restaurant.
And good luck having stain free shirts, nice furniture, clean walls.

So despite all the wonderful happiness and kodak moments the young little people bring, I'm quite happy living it up with little to no responsibility.

Note to self, don't let babies play with a spoon and alphabet soup.

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