Friday, 27 July 2007

Work greetings

So you're sitting at home watching TV. Mountain dew commercial
have made you increasingly uncomfortable.
And finally realise you need to pee.

So you get up and make your way to the toilet.

On your way, you see your brother.

You walk on.

No need to greet him. No waving or smiling.

Just keep on walking, keep on walking.

But you see, you can't do that at the work.


Not at all.

At work, everytime you see someone in the hallway you need to greet them.

Every man, woman, child you know, you must greet. Boss or colleague or subordinate.

You have to do it.

Otherwise you're rude.
Or unsociable.
Or indifferent.

You can use 'good morning or `mornin`, hi! or g`day'.

Greeting is must.

And I'm down with that. That's cool.

We're all just trying to maintain a nicey-nicey working environment so were all very polite and kind to everyone.

But things go weird when you've just seen one workmate and then two minutes later you see them again in the hallway.

You can't say "good morning or hi!" again.

You're only allowed to greet them once a day! You'll overdose them with greetings if say good morning again!

What I've seen some people do to get around this awkwardness is to do body languages like winking or raising eyebrows or pouting their lips and nodding upwards?! as their pseudo-greeting-i-need-to-rush-to-the-toilet-gesture.

Its just as weird and awkward.

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