Wednesday, 6 June 2007

One Two Three Four 5-6-07

Been celebrating my birthday for four days now. Been eating heaps. None of it healthy. But in my defence, I'm planning to jump into an exercise regime that will whip me back to shape.

And my birthday IS a once a year thing. I guess its okay to treat yourself to trans-fatty foods once in a while… even if it’s a few days.

A few weeks back, my friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday.

The guitar I bought from Cebu was falling apart. The bridge looks to be popping out, just like the tunning pegs. When you strum, the strings rattle on the fret board which makes for a horrible guitar to play (not to mention dangerous!).

So for my birthday I wished for a new guitar.

My good friends gave me three.

The best is the Legend acoustic with electronics. Lets me plug it in to my laptop. Now I can happily play Kumbaya and other gospel songs and record it too!

The other was a pink yukalele for fun. It sits in my room next to a pink box they gave me last year for my birthday.

One year ago.

Its amazing how much time has passed.

So much has changed, but the things that I wanted to change, have hardly changed at all. And again, I’m just plodding along because that’s the only thing I know I can do.

Amongst celebration this year came the sad news that my dad needs to have an operation.

Calcite deposits are compressing on C5-C6 nerves causing uncomfortable sensations in his foot. Its not a life critical operation, but an operation nonetheless. Its something you don’t want your loved ones to have to go through.

My brother said it’s a degenerative thing, and is not uncommon.. part of getting older he says.

Two people have asked me this year if I feel any wiser.

I believe we get wiser every day with what we do and see and what we experience. So I do believe I'm wiser.

And three guitars richer.

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