Sunday, 27 May 2007

The Tale of the Two Shoppers

Shopper One

C is what I call an ultra power shopper.

The type that will go to a department store and try and bargain 50 cents off the $2.00 Timtam sale. She will make every last cent count when she shops.

I mean its good that she's trying to save. But sometimes, she gets so caught up in trying to save, her honesty becomes.... questionable.

C bought a lamp from Target. She put on a desk at her house and was pleased with it. Unfortunately, for some clumsy reason, the lamp ended on the floor shattered to pieces.

C took the broken lamp and her receipt and returned it to Target. The reason was 'It was broken when I got home'.

Its okay to do this she says.

'Big department stores set a budget for these kinds of things - so really, no one gets hurt'.

Shopper Two

I was packing the grocery into the car. M was looking through the shopping receipt. He looked confused.

"They forgot to include the rug."
"Thats good then! Free rug! :P "
"No... They forgot to charge us for the rug.. I have to go back.."
"What?!! Why are you going back?! It was their mistake - so you get a free rug for their mistake!"
"But its not honest.."
"What?! Its like Mcdonalds - if you get free nuggets - you get free nuggets. You don't return free nuggets!"
"I'm going back... its not right.."
"Will... the money you take away from these stores they get back by jacking up prices. I'm going back to pay for the rug."

The other extreme. Super honest citizen.

Anyways, the department store appreciated M's honesty, but corrected him that we've paid for the rug already.

It was just called "Sale item #453" rather than rug.

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