Friday, 9 March 2007

Wrinkly Idols

There's no escaping it.

Every day that goes by gets us closer to magical place where bingo is exciting, fashion is everything woolen and music is always too loud.

I'm talking about getting old.

When I mean old, I don't mean wiser-smarter-more mature kinda old - I mean,
geriatric, wrinkly faced and cranky old.

Now I have nothing against getting old or old people. Its just another stage in this circle we call life.

My brother assures me the funky smell is natural and that I won't notice it when I'm at that age.

I just think that some old people should look upon themselves and say 'hey, I'm getting old - I don't think I should be doing this anymore'.

I say this because I recently saw Rocky Balboa.

The movie was in fact was about old people and literally puts the phrase 'hanging the gloves up' into retrospect. I think the main theme was, if you have one last 'fight' left in you, why would you let anyone else stop you? There is fire still burning there - why extinguish it prematurely?

In a perfect world where everyone ages perfectly and 90 year old grandma's look like bombshells, I say go ahead - keep doing what you love doing. Let them flames keep on burnin'.

But the sad reality is - butter has fat and cholesterol and time does awful things to a person's body.

Take these guys for example.
These guys used to be my idols. But their persistence to return to the big screen is diminishing what admiration I had for them (Arnie has done well in going to politics though - now he's become an idol for all the sportsmen-come actor-come politician wannabe Filipinos).

Rather than fading nicely into the Legends Hall of Fame with their kick-ass movies, perfect bodies, and unforgettable catch-phrases I now see them as 'has-been old fogies, border lining dirty-old-men-status, desperately clinging on to glory days'.

I must admit, Sylvester Stallone has done well in picking a more mature woman to be his love interest in his latest movie. If he picked anyone younger I would have puked Cheezels.

Life certainly doesn't end at 60. So kudos to them people enjoying life at whatever wrinkly age they may be.

There's a time and place for everything.

I was at Rise once and there was a guy old enough to be my grandad doing some sort of yoga dance routine on the stage. He looked like Mario from the Nintendo games minus the hair, minus the mustache and minus the mobility. There were girls next to him cheering him on, but I didn't think they were impressed by this robot dance move (I think that's how he actually moved). The girls laughed and it felt like they were mocking him. I didn't know if I should have bought him a drink, helped him bend himself up or put glow sticks on his cane. But it certainly didn't look right to have him there.

Now I don't want to see my dad snowboarding, but it would be nice to have a snowball fight with him. I can't imagine my mom learning how to surf, but I can see her doing swimming once in a while. And I certainly wouldn't expect my grandma (92!!) to be playing video games but it would be nice if she bought me a PS3.

Anyways, my point is - old people should stop pretending to be young. Its just wrong in so many levels.

Wrinkly skin is one of them.

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