Friday, 2 March 2007

Comfort Zone & DS Lite Foam Grip

There is a point in a relationship when individuals start letting their hair down and relaxing their guards because they've grown quite comfortable and at home with their partners.

The comfort zone.

Its a time when strict disciplines are loosened because you finally realise your special someone loves you enough to see through your flaws and quirks. They know you're only being yourself.

Once in the comfort zone, personal standards start dropping because you're already attached! Its no wonder that some people start becoming sloppier or gaining weight after being in a relationship (either that or they go on too many dinner dates).

Back when I was single - it was exercise, exercise, exercise!! Needed to look my best to catch me a yummy girl. Presentation was up there in the priority list.

Now I'm a lot more relaxed.
Actually, too relaxed. I think presentation is now at the bottom of the list.

Now the starting point of the 'comfort zone' is when you or your partner openly fart in front of the other. Some reach the comfort zone faster than others (or they have poor bowel movement). The end is when one starts screaming to the other "change you're underwear please!!" Obviously its not a 'comfort' zone when there's unpleasantness.

I digress. My point is, when you reach the comfort zone, you return to your slack, unattractive self. Which is not good.

Not good at all.


Since my girlfriend's been away I've been indulging myself in video games. Happy happy joy joy... or so I thought!

Last night I discovered why I was doing so bad in Mario Kart DS - my fat fingers are too big for the Nintendo DS lite!!

How can I play endless hours of Final Fantasy XII DS (when it comes out it May?) if the diminutive console strains my hands after thirty minutes of play?

Shrink my hands? - Nope. No way in hell do I want to look disproportionate.
Plus I don't want to ruin my sex life.

Make the DS bigger! Yes!! That's the way!!

So I googled my way around the net to discover Nintendo DS Lite hand grips. US$30 for plastic majiggies?! No way Jose. I can make something cheaper than that!

In fact that's exactly what I did!

I took a brick foam used for padding some appliance bought long ago. Why foam? Coz it's made of inert polycarbonate compounds that don't react to skin. Its porous enough aerate the hands - important when your fingers start sweating from excessive play AND is ultra light weight.
And its the only material I could find.

Then I carved out a DS cradle.

Cut out the corners and made it ergonomic
Presto!! Beautiful!

Now for the test drive!

Before my foam grip - I couldn't even come 3rd on the first race of 100cc Flower Cup - Mario Kart DS.

With the foam grip, I've finished Flower cup. I came first in all the races on my first go!
*sigh* I'm in gaming heaven. ITS SOOO GOOOOD!!
I'm so IN my comfort zone.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice! excellent idea.
"Anayu" on 360
Just me, on the ds and wii