Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Happy New Year from Google

What a great start to the new year!

I garnered enough courage to sort out my increasingly steep pile of letters. My phobia stemming from the words "BILL INSIDE" stamped on most of them.

But then I found a letter from Sweden! I don't remember subscribing to a Swedish porn site.

I opened it to find a pleasant surprise!

Google sent me a cheque for US$100. WOOOOOHOOOO!! Only a few more to go until I have enough for a PS3!! Bhehehehehe. Happy new year indeed!!

Above: Google adsense pays out! Its not a myth!


Talamasca said...


But... you're just kidding, right? :-D

Anonymous said...

im not kidding! Thats a pic of the actually cheque they sent me.
(i blurred out my details coz people might find where i live and burglar my $100)

im on a PS3 diet too you know!

FLip said...

YEAH i want a PS3 tooooooo.....