Saturday, 13 January 2007

Doing the distance

We’re doing the long distance thing.

I’m a pessimist to long distance relationships when there’s no goal or end point. When its just two people doing their own thing separated by a great distance and there’s no plan to see each other in the future. I thinks thats simply holding on to memories without the promise of better, brighter new ones.

I’ve learnt this from my former relationship with Jessica Alba. It didn’t work out because she did her thing in LA and I did mine here. I was really sorry but I had to let her go.

This time it’s only for a year. I’ll definitely see her every ten or so weeks when she comes down and visits me and her family during the holidays. And I’ll find my way to where she is in between those times. So it's really not so bad. I've heard of worse.

Still, it’s going to be a hard slug. I’m going to miss her so much.

This little sacrifice will go a long way in the future. She's following her dream and I can see her blossing already.

Lucky are those who don’t have to go through with this, but luckier are those who get through it. She'll be alright because I know she's a tough cookie. Will'll be alright because I'm a tough cookie too. Two tough cookies doing the distance.


sweetchic said...

Im blossing already?? :)

Im going to miss you lots too.
i love you babe.

and no you cant have my laptop.

Anonymous said...


actually, u'll need ur laptop to visit this site :)

FLip said...

huh? where you going Willy?
the boys will miss you man....

Talamasca said...

Aw! I wish you all the best, you two.

Just stay away from deep shit, alright? ;-p

Anonymous said...


i think u misread the comic.
but its good that you'll miss me.

what you mean by deep shit? :P im already finding myself in trouble and she hasn't left yet!