Friday, 22 December 2006

Holy Moley

Following the footsteps of my half Filipino idol Enrique Iglesias, I have undergone surgery to remove two moles on my body. One on my chest and the other on my abdomen.

It was a short procedure (5 minutes?) but it involved the whole nine yards. Anaesthetic, blood, scalpels, stiches and a hot brunette nurse. :)

I have lots of moles on my body. Not enough to play connect-the-dots with but more than my bare-as-a-baby's-bottom brothers. Actually you can count my moles with two hands.

Now apart from the third-nipple competition the two dissected moles were having, I didn't really have any problems with my moles. The mole the merrier right? They were as natural as hair.

I had them removed because they increased my chance of getting skin cancer. Its kinda scary-serious coz Oz land is the skin-cancer capital of the world. Do what you can to prevent the bad thing I always say.

Above: Enrique. A not so moley hero.

But its actually quite normal to have new moles grow until your 30. After that, new moles should be watched closely.

When they start growing the size of a meatball with hair on its tips - then its time to name them :P

I have another mole on my lower lip which I've had since birth. Apparently mole locations on your face says a lot about you. This tells me that I'm intelligent but this tells me that Im overweight and promiscuous!! hahahah. Don't tell my girlfriends :P

Regardless of what they mean, I guess some are just blessed with lucky moles.
Some not so lucky.

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bingskee said...

i have a mole under my chin, not the size of a meatbal but it has little hairs growing out of it. do you think i have to have them removed?