Monday, 24 July 2006

Dunsborough Fishing Trip - Canal Rocks

Tired and disappointed from our first fishless attempt, the guys and I headed to our second spot after a quick chicken lunch.

Canal rocks is a beautiful spot in southern Yallingup. The way the rocks have eroded have formed this naturally unique outpost.

Only problem was getting to the nice fishing spot required crossing a short channel.

For a big tough guy like me, this is usually not a problem. But the channel rocks are round and EXTREMELY slippery. They're covered in moss for crying out loud! Add to that we are carrying two fishing rods, a tackle box, bucket and a bag each! Not to mention expensive mobiles phones and cameras and wallet in our pockets. Then there's the risk of having a freak wave sweep you out to the sea and getting eaten by SHARKS!

None of us wanted to go for a swim.

After much ado we eventually got across the scary channel.
Not without casualties of course. Ben and I got badly cut. Saltwater makes it nice and stingy as well.

But soon we were in the spot we were a year before. The spot where multiple salmons were caught.
We really wanted to catch salmons, instead we kept on catching Breams!! And there were lots of them!! We were catching them with every cast.
They are apparently not nice to eat so we threw them all back.
After we had our fun with the Breams we decided to head back. The tide was starting to rise and the scary channel starting to widen and deepen. But just before we left... .......

Look at the size of that beast!!5Kgs at least!!!

It must have been quite a fight reeling that thing in.
Hehehe.. we wouldn't know because someone else caught this salmon.
We just borrowed it so that we could have photos with it :P

On the way back to the car we met a couple of guys loading a helluva large meaty thing into their SUV. Curious me had a look. A FREAKIN'!! SHARK!
And they caught it off an aluminum can they call a boat! NUTS I tell you!!
Me with shark jaws and the boat at the background

Fishing for me just got helluva lot more dangerous.


aurea said...

Beautiful photos! Sounds like a fun day. I want to eat that salmon...

buuurp said...

o.O FISHES!!!!!!!!

omg sharkssss!!!

haha thanks for the comment ulit :D